Is There a Perfect Planner?

Is there a perfect planner? I have been collecting planners for years. I tend to think that I am drawn to them in the hopes that I will find the perfect way to become organized. I am coming to realize that it’s not the planner that is the problem, it is the “planner” (me) that is the problem. 😂🤣

It’s a new year and I feel the urge to, yet again, search out the perfect planner.

But, what exactly am I looking for?

I am looking for:

  • Something that feels good to the touch
  • One that looks good
  • Fits into my bag
  • Has room to place more than one journal or notebook
  • One that will only improve with age
  • It needs to have storage pockets
  • Maybe even a zip closure

I’ve tried many different planners and I can’t say that I dislike any of them. I like them all for different reasons, so I guess the search is on for the next planner to be added to the collection in hopes that it will be the one planner that motivates me.

Some of the planners that I have tried:

~ Tula xii ~ (Small, Medium, XL with an interchangeable cover) Super cute and quite addictive (and a little pricey) with my always wanting the next size or design. I really like their inserts as well. It did get a bit costly with always wanting the next cover design. The only issue that I had was that the outside band on one of the smaller ones I had gotten didn’t last long. The others have held up pretty well.

~ Happy Planner ~ (Mini, Classic) I really like them but have ended up using both my Mini and Classic as scratch paper notebooks. The little one was great for throwing into my purse. Using them so often and throwing them into my bag has started to wear them down. The covers are quite scratched and dull. Since the pages are not stitched or glued together, I do fear losing important information if a page should slip out. The advantage of the loose pages is that they are easily rearranged to keep ideas and information together.

~ Generic travelers notebook ~ (4.72×7.87) Not 100% sure that it is real leather but it does smell like it is. The description said it was but it is really hard to tell. Vegan leather can be really similar. It seems to be the closest to what I have been searching for but it is just a bit too narrow.

~ Bullet Journal ~ Cute concept but I have found that I do not have the patience or the time to figure out and then draw out page layouts.

I have seen another planner, in the past, and recently looked it up again. It is the Planner Perfect Leather Planner. Have you heard of it? Do you happen to own one? If yes, would you recommend it?

I have watched a few videos from the founder and designer and am considering buying one. I have also found a Facebook group dedicated to this planner company and it seems that its followers absolutely adore the planners that they have purchased, and many own more than one. The other nice thing about this company is that they offer videos and help in setting up your planner and getting into the habit of using it.

One of the issues that I have when considering a Planner Perfect Planner is that it does look like one might need to be a bit creative or artistic, in a bullet journal type of way. That may be one drawback for me. Also, I could definitely see myself wanting to purchase more than one and that could get pricey. The most appealing feature is that they are made of real leather and will most likely look even better with use and age. The insert covers are beautiful. I’m just not sure how much moola I want to spend on inserts, the cover is really what I’m looking for at this point. Then again, that does show that I may have a planner collecting problem not just a planning problem. 😁

The next question if I do decide to try a Planner Perfect planner is: Which one? Oh, and do I shell out extra to join the subscription service or would I just end up with boxes full of cute journals and planners that don’t get used?

What is your favorite planner/cover? And, why?