Careening Down a Slippery Slope

Last week I was so excited to see that I was down 10lbs. It hadn’t even been two weeks since I started watching what I was eating. Then…

As with each time I start to lose weight, while following a healthy eating plan, I decided that I could stray “for just 1 meal”. 🤦‍♀️

In actuality, I had been doing quite well in making healthy food choices while away from home. I would choose salads with protein, or I would enjoy an almond milk latte as a treat until I got home where I knew I had healthy food choices ready and waiting.

Each time we ate out, I planned ahead. I knew where we were going and exactly what I would order. All I had to do was actually order what I had planned and not change my mind at the last minute after hearing what someone else at the table was ordering.

One day last week, we ended up making a last minute decision to eat out. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem since we had eaten there recently and I knew exactly what I would order. Until, a few people at our table ordered French toast and scones (they happen to be scones made using my grandma’s recipe).

Yep, I caved! “I’ll have the same!” 😱 Screeeetch! What? Did I really just order French toast and scones???? What had I done? I regretted the decision the minute the server walked away.

After an initial moment of panic, I decided that I could handle this. I could eat this meal, and be extra careful of the calories I would consume for the rest of the day. Oh, and I would go for a nice long walk. That would do it.

Yes, that probably would have done it…had I stuck to my plans.

So, as you can probably imagine, I did not stick to my plans. I didn’t stick to my plan for what I would order and I didn’t watch my calories for the rest of the day or go for a walk. It got nasty cold out…well, you know; excuses, excuses!

That one day was the top of a slippery slope that I have been careening down ever since.

I have not been following my eating plan, I have been eating candy, homemade pizza and homemade bread; all things that make me feel like crap. Again, my joints ache and I feel bloated.

So, tonight, I am soaking in a warm bath enjoying a glass of red wine. This is my last indulgence before I hit Day 1 again tomorrow.

What is one food or situation that can send careening off the path of healthy eating?

Have an amazing night!

xoxo ~ K