PB2 and Nutpods

Yet another twist on the peanut butter pancake.

Add French Vanilla Nutpods instead of water to your PB2 powder. Yum!!!

Combine 1 sachet Optavia Silky Peanut Butter Shake, 2 Tbsp water, 2 Tbsp egg whites, 1/8th tsp. baking powder. Mix well and cook in Mini Dash Griddle (or in frying pan) until done.


Combine 1 to 2 Tbsp. PB2 powder combined with Vanilla Nutpods to desired consistency.


Game Changer

We use our Dash Mini Waffle Maker a lot. A friend suggested we try using the griddle instead….Game Changer!!!

Using a Peanut Butter Shake Mix we found that the pancakes are not as dry as the waffles.

Topped this pancake with PB2 mixed with French Vanilla Nut Pods.