Progress (2 Months)

I hardly recognize the person in the photo on the left. I hadn’t looked too closely at that photo until today. It makes me sad to think that I looked and felt so poorly for so long. The differences between the two photos are more than just weight loss. In the first photo I felt hopeless thinking, “Why am I taking these photos anyway they are only going to be a reminder of how I failed at weight loss, yet again.” But now, looking at the photo on the right I wish I could go back and tell the girl in the photo on the left, “It’s going to be ok! It’s not going to be like every other failed attempt at weight loss! You are going to see changes that you have only dreamed of, in a time frame that will surprise you! You will sleep better, you won’t shy away from people anymore, and you will be so grateful for this gift and knowledge that you will want everyone to experience this feeling! You will be sharing your story and even this photo on social media because you will want to provide the hope and inspiration that others provided for you!” Had I been told these words the day that first photo was taken, I would have thought someone was totally out of their gourd! There was no way I was going to do any of those things…especially post that first photo on social media! Today is 2 months since I began this journey. I am now a COPE (Center for Obesity Prevention and Education) Certified Health Coach, I am helping others on their own health journey, and yes, I am sharing that first photo. I can also say that I will not miss any of the 25 pounds, that I’ve said goodbye to, because they carried more weight than they were worth.