Difficult Not Impossible

Are you as tired of reading about my false starts and new Day 1s as I am of writing about them? I hope so, because I will not be writing about Day 1 again after this post.

It is January 1st of a brand new year. You know there are all those saying out there about making this your year, writing a new story, etc…? I tend to like those types of motivational sayings and they do seem to help me get a bit more motivated to accomplish a goal, this goal.

Today was Day 1 and I can finally say, (cue the trumpets) I DID IT!!

Yes, I have finally completed Day 1! Well, at least I am closer than I have been in the past month. I am not in bed yet so the chance to make a poor food choice is still there but I do believe that I won’t make that choice.

Today I started back on the food plan that helped me drop over 40 pounds in the past. It feels good to be back on plan. Was I hungry today? Not too terribly bad. There was a point in the day where I saw the leftover homemade caramels on the counter and I almost caved in to have “just one”, but I didn’t do it.

Today, I not only celebrate a New Year but I am also celebrating FINALLY conquering Day 1! It may have been difficult for me to get to this point but, as you can see, it wasn’t impossible.

❇️ Please send me some positivity in the comments (comment button is up under the title to this post), I can use all the support and good vibes that you would like to share. ❇️

xoxo ~ K

Finding Motivation in The New Year

“You didn’t fall off the wagon.

You had Christmas and New Year’s. You celebrated. You enjoyed.

It’s okay.

Be filled with gratitude.

When you and your body are done celebrating, simply return to balance.

Balance does NOT include punishment.”

This quote popped up on my Facebook Memories. I don’t know who said it but it was something I needed to hear in this moment.

I am great at giving my clients motivation to reach there goals but when it comes to motivating myself…that’s another story.

A decision has been made! Stay tuned to see what’s up.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” ~ Brad Paisley