Careening Down a Slippery Slope

Last week I was so excited to see that I was down 10lbs. It hadn’t even been two weeks since I started watching what I was eating. Then…

As with each time I start to lose weight, while following a healthy eating plan, I decided that I could stray “for just 1 meal”. 🤦‍♀️

In actuality, I had been doing quite well in making healthy food choices while away from home. I would choose salads with protein, or I would enjoy an almond milk latte as a treat until I got home where I knew I had healthy food choices ready and waiting.

Each time we ate out, I planned ahead. I knew where we were going and exactly what I would order. All I had to do was actually order what I had planned and not change my mind at the last minute after hearing what someone else at the table was ordering.

One day last week, we ended up making a last minute decision to eat out. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem since we had eaten there recently and I knew exactly what I would order. Until, a few people at our table ordered French toast and scones (they happen to be scones made using my grandma’s recipe).

Yep, I caved! “I’ll have the same!” 😱 Screeeetch! What? Did I really just order French toast and scones???? What had I done? I regretted the decision the minute the server walked away.

After an initial moment of panic, I decided that I could handle this. I could eat this meal, and be extra careful of the calories I would consume for the rest of the day. Oh, and I would go for a nice long walk. That would do it.

Yes, that probably would have done it…had I stuck to my plans.

So, as you can probably imagine, I did not stick to my plans. I didn’t stick to my plan for what I would order and I didn’t watch my calories for the rest of the day or go for a walk. It got nasty cold out…well, you know; excuses, excuses!

That one day was the top of a slippery slope that I have been careening down ever since.

I have not been following my eating plan, I have been eating candy, homemade pizza and homemade bread; all things that make me feel like crap. Again, my joints ache and I feel bloated.

So, tonight, I am soaking in a warm bath enjoying a glass of red wine. This is my last indulgence before I hit Day 1 again tomorrow.

What is one food or situation that can send careening off the path of healthy eating?

Have an amazing night!

xoxo ~ K

Easy Workout…Riiiiigghhtt

Oh my goodness!!! I am officially aware of how out of shape I am!

Seriously, my leg, ab and arm muscles are shaking right now from this “easy” workout.

The problem is (or should I say, the sad truth is) I am so out of shape, that what should have been an “easy” workout was extremely exhausting and hard…and I didn’t even complete it all.

Even though I am sticking to my eating plan and am now down over 7 pounds, I now realize that sitting and watching workouts thinking, I could do that one if I wanted to, was definitely a false sense of self. I could not do any of those workouts if this one was so hard.

My goal now, even though the group I am following will be moving on to different workouts, is to do this workout daily until I can complete the whole thing including all reps and sets.

Tomorrow and each day after, I am going to keep doing this workout until it becomes “EASY”!

Wish me luck! Better yet, if you have slipped out of the habit of physical exercise, get back to it! We all have to start/restart somewhere.

What is your least favorite workout/exercise (but you do it anyway because you know it is good for your body)?