Fall into Fall – Literally

My “fall” into Fall was most definitely not graceful but I am happy to report…I was not injured. 😊

To preface this story…I DO NOT like backing up (any type of vehicle) to the edge of the pit where we dump our tree debris.

Edge of said Pit

“My Farmer” (aka my sweet husband) guided me the first time and had confidence (misplaced as it may have been 😂🤣) that I could do the next few loads on my own.

Well… When I got to the pit, I decided that if I got close enough (but not too close) any debris that landed on the upper edge, I would just swish in with my foot. All was going great, until…

As I was standing on the edge of the pit, holding onto the tailgate, and swishing debris in off the edge; the tailgate suddenly popped open and being so close to the edge, I fell right down into the pit!

View from the bottom of the pit (not the view I should have had).

Thankfully, the piles of leaves and twigs were high enough that it ended up being a rather clumsy few steps and a jump down. They also made it a bit easier to climb out!

Heart pumping a million beats a minute, my next thought was, “Do I tell Dale that I fell off the edge into the pit?” 🤔 Of course I do…that’s just a hilarious story ⬅️ especially since I didn’t get hurt! 😂🤣🤪

Hope you are having a wonderful Fall without a fall! ⬅️ (admittedly cornet sense of humor).

Have an AMAZING weekend! 😘