Thank You, Healthcare Workers

Good morning! šŸŒž

Thank you healthcare workers!!!

We see you! šŸ¤“

We see how hard you are working! šŸ’Ŗ

We see the long hours and extra shifts that you are filling! ā°

We know that even though you are tired and afraid, you are still stepping into those isolation units and caring for those most effected. šŸ¤’šŸ˜·

You may not feel we see you or still appreciate you and the work you are doing…We do! We may not be saying it enough but we appreciate you all! šŸ˜˜

Thank you! Thank you! šŸ™šŸ¼

āž”ļø If you know a healthcare worker or see one out in public, please thank them. They are doing so much more than we realize! And, they are having to do it wearing a mask, not the simple cloth or paper masks that we get to wear…they are wearing masks (6-10 hours at a time) that strap tightly to their faces, that cause imprints and red marks!

āœ… If you know a healthcare worker…thank them but also ask them what they are required to wear during their shift. Look closely at the marks that are on their face after a shift. I think we see the facial mask marks on healthcare workers in the news but it is a whole different story when you see it on the ones you know and love! We all need to see that it is our friends and family members who are doing these jobs, bearing these red mask-marks, maskne, and more!

Remember, they are doing this for all of us!

Thank You!!!