When You Buy Copious Amounts of Chocolate

Question: What happens when you decided to buy all of the pink wrapped candy (available because it’s Valentine’s season) 3 weeks before a shower you are throwing?

Answer: You end up searching online to replace the Valentines candy that is now sold out locally…

Why are we searching to replace the chocolate?

Because buying chocolate and expecting it to still be around 3 weeks later is a crazy expectation. 😂 Yes, I ate it! I would say, “we” but in all honesty it is my weakness.

What is my plan moving forward from here?

It’s time to pivot.

To be continued…

I Want Bread (Coated in Chocolate)

Talk about a slippery slope!

I know this about myself. Well, at least now I can admit this to myself, about myself.


Did I actually just type that out loud? 🤣

It is a hard thing to admit but I now realize that one bite, lick, or taste of bread or chocolate, and I will be binge eating it for a week (maybe more).

It takes at least 4 days for me to rid my body of this craving and then I have an easier time saying “no” to bread and chocolate, but once I cave in to just one taste; all bets are off.

This is a great article, “Sugar Might Be as Addictive as Cocaine”, and it speaks to how I seem to feel so uncontrolled once I start eating sugar and bread.

So, here is to the next 4 days of purging the sugar cravings from my system.

Are there certain foods that send you down the slippery slope of “can’t stop eating it”?