The Key to (My) Weight Loss

Disclaimer: There are NO (not even one) affiliate links in this post. 😁

The “Key to My Weight Loss” is…………..(drumroll please) The Key is: ME!

Over the years I have tried many weight loss programs, plans, pills and potions. You want to know something? Most all of them worked like they said they would. 😱

I would find a plan: Weight Watchers, Isagenix, Shakeology, Optavia; or a way of eating: Mediterranean, fasting, keto, etc… They would all work, to a point. That stopping point would be when I would stop following the program or “diet” as it was laid out.

The best success I have personally ever had was when I was following the Optavia plan. I had never had such an easy time following a plan. I initially had been against pre-packaged food but at the time I found Optavia, I was desperate and was ready to try anything. Maybe that is why it worked for me? I was desperate enough to stick to the plan exactly as it was laid out.

I was one of those people who didn’t want help, and the coach that I chose was quite respectful of that. She didn’t push me into weekly calls and when I decided to coach the program myself it was because I was so thrilled how it had worked for me that I wanted to share it with everyone. Most of the clients that I engage with want a regularly scheduled call and that is actually something I enjoy.

I had decided to walk away from coaching once I felt that the program wasn’t working for me anymore. I mean, how can I promote and help people with a plan that I didn’t believe in anymore? Then, The “lightbulb” moment; it wasn’t the plan that had failed me, I had failed myself. I had stopped following the plan. Not just stopped eating the pre-packaged food but I had stopped following the plan all together. I wasn’t following an eating pattern, I wasn’t getting any purposeful healthy movement, and I wasn’t reading or working in the books to improve my mindset.

This “failure” was all on me!

Today I am following a lot of this plan as laid out, except now I am using real food and an app. I still need a lot of work on my mindset (the books are fantastic for that) and tracking my food intake is helping me stay accountable.

I highly recommend this program for those who do not want to have to think about what they will eat for every-single-meal of the day. With this particular program, I ate 5 pre-packaged meals a day and made one healthy whole food meal of protein and vegetables each day. It was nice NOT to have to think about or count macros. It was all done for me. They say that if you follow the program as it is laid out you will have predictable results. This was very true for me.

What I have also now found to be true: If I follow an eating pattern of eating a small healthy meal or snack every 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours, drink the correct amount of water for my body and get enough sleep and healthy movement; I can and do lose weight and feel wonderful.

I needed that initial help in the beginning to get some weight off (47 lbs) and see results and now I know that I can continue to lose/maintain my weight without purchasing any and all programs, pills, or powders.

I had always heard that staying in a calorie deficit was the answer and now I know what they (you know, “they”, the internet 😂) meant: More on that later.

Truthfully, any and all plans, programs and “diets” may, and probably will work. The question is: Will they work for you? Only you can answer that. You must base your answer on the facts. Will you follow the plan? Is it a healthy plan for you and your body?

As I stated in the first line: “There are NO affiliate links in this post”, and there are not. I am not in “The Business” of pushing this on everyone anymore. I had been at one time when I believed it was the “only” way to lose weight. I have now come to see that, yes, it did work for me but it may not be for everyone. I only help and coach those who are ready to commit and only need guidance. I will NOT be the food police! I will not force anyone down this path. If you don’t want to do it, it will not work for you. I can’t want it badly enough for anyone (not even myself sometimes).

Not One!

Not one what?

Not one bite! I have spent 2 days in the kitchen baking goodies and in those 2 days I did not have one BLT (bite, lick or taste) of any of the goodies that I baked.

I can honestly say that I have conquered my sugar monster (for the time being).

How did I conquer my sugar monster?

It wasn’t exactly hard, yet it wasn’t exactly easy either. I FINALLY made the decision to stop eating sugar in an effort to conquer this monster and to reduce joint inflammation; you know (or maybe you are lucky not to know), the stiff achy hands, knees and ankles upon waking.

I reached my daily water goal each day. I tried to keep busy to keep myself from grabbing a snack every time I passed through the kitchen. I enjoyed meals that were healthy and satisfying, and I ate every 2 to 2.5 hours (to keep my blood sugar on an even keel).

I didn’t have a baking day until I had conquered this monster or else I know (me personally) I would have licked every spatula and bowl before it hit the sink to be washed.

At the end of the day, when all of the goodies were safely tucked away in the freezer, I felt darn good! I felt good physically because I wasn’t suffering from a sugar hangover, I felt good mentally because I felt empowered being able to abstain from the goodies and yet not feel deprived and I felt good emotionally because I wasn’t feeling guilty for caving in to sugary treats that I know would make me feel like crap.

It’s not always easy to conquer this sugar monster, and I do know it will inevitably return. But, for today, I won this battle and that is what matters ~ today!