How is the “Pivot” Working Out?

In actuality, it is working out…well, a little too well.

I have taken to pivoting a bit too much.

So far this month, I have gone from my regular eating plan, to IF (Intermittent Fasting), to trying to learn to count macros, and also trying to record my food intake to stay in a calorie deficit with exercise. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention my dabbling in the Mediterranean diet way of eating.

Pivoting is working out great! 😁 Also, like I said in another post, I am NOT willing to quit and I haven’t.

With all of this changing of eating plans and food choices the scale has not gone up, well it has gone up and then right back down (this is common when weighing daily). Overall, the scale is down. That is definitely a win while I am trying to pick a lifestyle of eating that I can stick with and enjoy.

Tomorrow is a new day with another chance to make healthy food choices. It is also another day to meet my healthy motion goals – hopefully 10,000 steps before 10:00am.

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