The Scale Keeps Moving UP

I have “tried” to start for the past 2 days. It hasn’t gone well. To the point that I spent 1 evening designing templates to follow other “diets”. I had convinced myself that the plan I usually follow was not sustainable and that I needed to follow a “real” food way of eating.

I obviously need the structure of the eating plan that I have lost weight on in the past. I don’t think I am ready to make healthy food choices from “regular” food yet (there are so many choices). I’ve been trying that for the past month and gained weight instead of losing it. But, that is all on me and my poor food and drink choices.

I have followed many fad diets and plans and have to admit that they all work when I follow them. I want to get back to “real” food but I just don’t make the best choices. I have decided to return to the one program that actually worked long term for me (3 years). Why did it stop working? It didn’t, I did. I stopped following the guidance that was laid out for me for the maintenance program. I started eating everything in great quantities simply because it had been so easy to maintain a weight loss for so long. Those quantities have caught up to me, to the tune of 25 pounds.

25 POUNDS!!!

I definitely went well beyond my comfort zone in gaining a “few” pounds.

I am now very uncomfortable and I believe it is affecting my health. My joints are achy from the inflammation of all the sugar, and I must believe that inflammation does not stop at my joints.

So, here I am again, at Day 1. Will I make it all the way through? It’s only 9:43a.m. and the Christmas goodies are still on the counter. For the past 2 days, I have caved into the “gotta have them since they only come around once a year” syndrome. Today will be different! At least that is the plan.

I am struggling this time to get back into the swing of things but I must do it!

❇️ Please send me some positivity in the comments (comment button is up under the title to this post), I can use all the support and good vibes that you would like to share. ❇️

xoxo ~ K

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