How Was Day 1?

Which day 1? I couldn’t tell you since I didn’t stick to it for a day, yet again.

This evening I saw a photo, of myself, that my sweet farmer took while we were traveling in the vehicle. I cannot believe how the fact that I have a spare tire around my middle has escaped my notice.

I have been baking cookies and eating cookies. I have not been following the “diet” I had planned to implement and since I was getting lots of steps in while helping the kids move, I gave myself permission not to even consider what and how much I was eating (4 slices of pizza, two days in a row).

Tomorrow is December 15th. I have 10 days until Christmas Day. Let’s see what I can do…

❇️ If you have a minute; send me some positivity in the comments (comment link is found under the title of this post). ❇️

~ K

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