Day 1 (Yet Again)

Question: How many Day 1s can I have?

Answer: As many as I need to get started and make it stick!

Here I am, Day 1, yet again.

Yes, yesterday was Day 1 but…

I could give excuses like, “The Christmas goodies were calling me! I had to answer.” But did I really have to answer? “No, I did not! But, I answered anyway.” One note that I will count as progress is that I actually did have a fleeting thought that I really wouldn’t like how I felt after I devoured the 7 peanut clusters, and 5 caramels (there could have been more, I didn’t really count them, I just shoveled them in. Like I said, the thought was “fleeting” and not enough to stop me from the sugar overload…and feeling crappy.

Today is Day 1 (yet again). Can I stick to my eating plan? We will have to see, your guess is as good as mine at this point. Yeah, yeah, I get that I should be all positive and sh*t and be stating that “I WILL” follow my eating plan today, but in all reality at this point, I can only keep trying. Giving up would definitely be failing.

On a bright note: The past two days of attempts to start my structured eating plan have resulted in me not eating as much since I was able to make it through the majority of the days “on plan” and the scale has gone down.

I know if I actually stick to my eating plan the way it is laid out I will see great results on the scale. I just need to do it!

❇️ Please, send me positivity and good vibes in the comments. I can use all the support I can get. ❇️

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xoxo ~ K

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