It’s Back!

FYI/Note/Disclaimer (whatever you would like to call it): I truly have absolutely no idea how to post about this subject without offending someone other than to say from my heart…I mean absolutely NO disrespect and I am NOT body shaming…THIS IS FOR MY MOTIVATION, NOT my opinion or judgement of others. I will not defend or argue my opinion on this. If it strikes a nerve, please keep scrolling, it is not meant to by any means. I have so much respect for those who are technically considered “obese” yet they are more active than many of us and with the confidence to match! This is NOT me. I am extremely uncomfortable when I am at this point and I definetly do NOT have body confidence.

I can’t believe it is back!!!  Actually, in hindsight, I know there was no way I wouldn’t be wearing this suit again. 

You know the one – the “fat” body suit (and if you don’t have a clue – be thankful).

I have come to understand that this image has caused a bit of controversy on other social media platforms…For me, it depicts how I feel when the fat suit is on. Do I strive to have the perfect body or believe that I can chisel one out of what I am starting with? No, not that it isn’t possible, it just isn’t my initial goal. Getting back to feeling healthy and confident in my own skin is.

I’ve followed a healthy eating program, lost the excess weight (the fat body suit), I actually don’t mind looking at my naked self in the mirror, or having my sweet hubby looking at me naked 😉 Sex is enjoyable, frequent and off-the-charts hot. My hubby is thinking I have found the fountain of youth.  My skin is starting to tighten up and I like shopping for clothes (in a much smaller size) again. 

I have got this whole healthy eating thing figured out and I am rockin’ it!!!

Then, one day after a hot bath, I happen to be passing the bathroom mirror and it’s a surreal image looking back at me.  That cannot be me!  Where did those rolls of fat on my back come from?  Did I just see a ripple effect of a jiggle in my buttocks and hips with that last step?  What happened to the in-shape, sexy bod I had just 6 months ago?????  Was it all a wonderful fantasy? I want my sexy back!

Then, like a ton of bricks it hits me and I realize…THAT WAS 6 MONTHS AGO!?!  How could I have gone so far backwards in 6 months? 

I can tell you how! I did follow a wonderful healthy eating plan and I did get to a weight and size that I don’t ever recall being at. I was feeling amazing. My hubby and I were enjoying a sex life that we hadn’t seen and that was hotter (with age comes wisdom and confidence) since we were first married.  I was heading into the size 4 territory after starting at a snug size 16.  How could I now be a tight, and getting tighter, size 8??? (Seriously, size isn’t what matters here! I am using my size as a reference point for me and my journey. What matters was how I was feeling: How my blood pressure was in a normal range and I was no longer pre-diabetic. How I was jogging almost daily considering starting a Couch25K.) Seriously, how did this 180 happen?

I’ll tell you how.  I got comfortable!  I started getting comfortable in the fact that I could eat the unhealthy way that I used to for a day and not see a massive impact on the scale.  Those days here and there turned into every day.  Every trip to town meant a grande, full fat, full sugar caramel macchiato with whip, and for good measure a drive through the fast-food line for a burger and fries for the trip back home.  But I didn’t order soda so I was still eating relatively healthy…right?!?

Well, the image that stared back at me in the mirror this morning was one I didn’t expect.  I know, how could I not expect it after eating like that for months on end?  I seriously had to question myself, “Was it all just a dream?  Was I never in better shape?  Had these fat rolls really been gone?”  I started to think about how my jeans had started to get tighter and tighter over the past couple of months.  When I would go for my, what had become very infrequent walks, I realized I was tiring out faster and my lung compacity had diminished.  These are all things that had been there before I lost the weight, and had disappeared, but they are ever so slowly returning.  So slowly in fact, that I almost didn’t notice.

What do I do now that I have realized that I am wearing my fat suit again??? 

  1. Hmmm, I could become comfortable in it; body positivity and all (which I have no clue how to get to that point). 
  2. I could get back to my healthy eating plan and start from square one. 
  3. I could try yet another “diet” in place of my healthy eating plan. 
  4. I could just not think about it for another month and see if things improve on their own.
  5. 51 is too old to start again, I might as well just accept that I am aging and let the dream of being a hot wife and active grandma go.

Here’s the thing:

  1. I respect women who have the body positivity to be comfortable, no matter their size, in a swimsuit, pantsuit, jeans, etc… I used to be one of those types of women – to a point. I could get dressed up, do my hair and makeup and walk into a room with confidence. I didn’t care what others thought about my size, simply because I didn’t think much about it myself. I was comfortable in my own skin…or so I thought. Now that I know different I find it very hard to get back to that place. I am choosing to believe it is because I am not meant to be there anymore.
  2. I simply cannot do another “diet”! Now that I know I don’t have to be miserable and feel deprived to lose weight and feel wonderful, I just simply cannot even fathom searching through all the different pills, powders, potions, lotions, and plans out there.
  3. If I do choose to put this off for yet another month, spring will be here. I will not be able to, nor will I want to, get up with the sun, go for an hour walk, and sit and have a cup of coffee before starting my day. If I do choose to wait for another month, I will only find it harder to start, and harder to be motivated. I will have to by new jeans by then and they will be in sizes that I really didn’t think I would ever revisit. Nope, I definitely cannot put this decision off for another month.
  4. Absolutely NO age is too old. I need to remind myself of this daily. If I don’t do this now, I will be feeling my age much faster than I want to. Seriously, do we ever really have to feel old?

I now know what I must do…but, can I do it???

Follow along in my journey or better yet, you are welcome to join me. Find a program that works for you and let’s do this!

Step 1: Find my WHY?

Finding Motivation in The New Year

“You didn’t fall off the wagon.

You had Christmas and New Year’s. You celebrated. You enjoyed.

It’s okay.

Be filled with gratitude.

When you and your body are done celebrating, simply return to balance.

Balance does NOT include punishment.”

This quote popped up on my Facebook Memories. I don’t know who said it but it was something I needed to hear in this moment.

I am great at giving my clients motivation to reach there goals but when it comes to motivating myself…that’s another story.

A decision has been made! Stay tuned to see what’s up.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” ~ Brad Paisley

Virtual Community and Vision Boarding

“Community” is a Habit of Health. I have been very blessed and am thankful for the “virtual” community, of like minded people, that I get to be a part of. If you don’t have a positive community that supports you in your health goals…you can join ours.

“Virtual” Community Time

I have wanted to learn more about vision boarding and how to do one and TODAY is the day!

One of the things I love about the program that I am blessed to coach is that we focus on the person as a whole. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, and Healthy Finances is our motto.

Tonight we will be focusing on how to “Envision a Bigger Future” and how to create a “Vision Board for 2021”.

2020 has been a challenge. More of a challenge for some and less for others but the world has changed for all of us. Maybe 2020 brought sadness, fear, and loneliness. Maybe it brought joy, hope, and self-discovery. Maybe it brought some or a little of all of those things. I know, for me personally, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

This evening, I plan to let go of all of those emotions (if only for an hour) and try to envision a “bigger” and brighter future for myself and for all of the clients that I am so blessed to work with. Some of the visions that I have for my future are to be “fit over 50”, instill more healthy habits, continue to help and grow with others, be extra positive (2021 might need “extra” in the positivity area to start off).

If you are looking for a little break this evening and learning about vision boarding…please feel free to join our “Virtual” Community Time here at 7:30pm Central/8:30pm Eastern. You can be a fly-on-the-wall and just see what we are up to. If you’d like to connect with me afterwards, feel free to message me. I love getting to know people and hearing about their goals.

I have also finished my eNewsletter for the week, YAY! If you’d like a look you can see it here. This week I have information on tonight’s Vision Board presentation, a great recipe, and more. 👉🏼 If you are interested in receiving my free weekly eNewsletter (absolute no obligation) send me a message and I will get you signed up.

Have an amazing day!!

Beautiful North Dakota

Missouri River at Bismarck, North Dakota

After above normal temperatures…Snow is in the forecast!

It was foggy overnight which left beautiful hoarfrost on the trees, grass, fence lines, and pretty much any exposed surface. That included roads. Be careful it is icy in spots. 😳

Be it foggy, snowy or sunny; here’s hoping the weather is beautiful in your area.

Age…Is It Really just a Number?

Age (50), is it really just a number? I am pondering this question today. Hmmm.

Since my weight loss, I have been of the “can-do-anything” attitude (much to the chagrin of our children…remind me to tell you about almost falling off of the garage roof).

Anywhooo, today I put my back out. Grrrr. I don’t like being laid up! It actually does make me feel older than I should feel. I don’t believe that we should ever feel “old”. If we take care of our bodies, why shouldn’t we be able to do all of the things that we did in our 20’s and 30’s?

Long story short: I’ve been somewhat of a hoarder of sentimental items. I am so not kidding when I say “hoarder”. Over the past 30 years I believe I have kept “all of the things”. Not just the children’s clothes, shoes, schoolwork, artwork, toys, etc… but I actually kept the clothes that may husband and I no longer wore. It is crazy!

Since December has been unusually warm 50 above, compared to the usual 30 below, I decided it was time to clean out our storage unit. Eeek!

Here is the “short” part of this story. In the process of moving totes (heavy totes), I pulled a muscle in my mid back. Not being very bright (I think self deprication is warranted here), I decided to work on it again today and in the process of moving more totes, while trying to favor the injured side of my back, I pulled a muscle on the other side in my hip.

Can we just say…I am in pain. I don’t like this kind of pain. Like I said, it makes me feel old.

When I was younger (wasn’t that just last week?), I could have done this type of lifting and rearranging without injury or pain. 50 should not be so different than 30, should it?

I don’t like this type of injury simply because it is all-consuming. It hurts to move. It hurts to breathe.

I’ve been whining, mostly to myself (and you), about how much pain I’m in; and until this minute when I decided to post about it, I didn’t actually take control of the situation; I was simply just wallowing in my self pity.

Seriously?!? This is not the person I am anymore!!! It is time to figure out what I’m going to do about it!

What am I going to do about it??? Whining is just so easy…can’t I just continue to do that? I suppose I could, but what fun would that be? I would only make myself more miserable when I realize that my sweet husband doesn’t want to hear me complaining since 1. it is annoying and 2. he can’t do anything to fix the problem for me.

The only answer is…I need to continue to work on increasing my strength. It is as simple as that.

50 isn’t “old” so why should it feel old? Age is just a number!

Thank You, Healthcare Workers

Good morning! 🌞

Thank you healthcare workers!!!

We see you! 🤓

We see how hard you are working! 💪

We see the long hours and extra shifts that you are filling! ⏰

We know that even though you are tired and afraid, you are still stepping into those isolation units and caring for those most effected. 🤒😷

You may not feel we see you or still appreciate you and the work you are doing…We do! We may not be saying it enough but we appreciate you all! 😘

Thank you! Thank you! 🙏🏼

➡️ If you know a healthcare worker or see one out in public, please thank them. They are doing so much more than we realize! And, they are having to do it wearing a mask, not the simple cloth or paper masks that we get to wear…they are wearing masks (6-10 hours at a time) that strap tightly to their faces, that cause imprints and red marks!

✅ If you know a healthcare worker…thank them but also ask them what they are required to wear during their shift. Look closely at the marks that are on their face after a shift. I think we see the facial mask marks on healthcare workers in the news but it is a whole different story when you see it on the ones you know and love! We all need to see that it is our friends and family members who are doing these jobs, bearing these red mask-marks, maskne, and more!

Remember, they are doing this for all of us!

Thank You!!!

Find Your Why

Finding our own personal “Why?” is not always easy. We tend to base our “why” off of what everyone else says they want for us. That’s all fine and good but not realistic. When it comes to accomplishing a goal, we need to have our own personal “why” or we may find it difficult to reach our goal and/or to have lasting results.

Your “Why?” Is your intrinsic motivation and your highest stimulus for change.
from ~ Your LifeBook, Dr. A’s Habits of Health

Find your “Why”.

Almost Caved In to Hangry

Traveling out of town for the day and towards the end of the day we almost caved in to “hangry”. Definition from Oxford Languages: Hangry = bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.

We were making excuses of why we should go to one of our favorite restaurants:

1️⃣ We don’t get here often, we should treat ourselves.

2️⃣ It’s so far to get home, we are hungry now!

3️⃣ It’s one meal out, we’ve eaten healthy all day.

👆🏼It’s not the fact that it’s a restaurant, it’s the fact that most likely we would have made very poor choices while there, Ex: Loaded mashed potatoes, fried onion petals, etc…

In the end, we made the decision to each have a protein bar on the drive home. Stopped at the grocery store and picked up a rotisserie chicken, lettuce, and a bottle of Bolthouse Farms dressing. 😋

Bolthouse Salsa Ranch, Rotisserie Chicken, Spring Mix Lettuce
Quick and Healthy Salad

Aside from being a much healthier choice, we didn’t feel miserable after eating, it only cost $16.00 (compared to the $40+ it would have cost to eat out) AND we have leftovers. 😊

I’d say that is a WIN, WIN! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

What are your go-to quick yet healthy meal ideas?

I’m 50!!! Why Start Now?

This was my thought when I decided to start doing a workout routine. Mind you, I haven’t started yet…I have “decided” to start. 😂

My excuses for not starting until now:

  • I don’t want anyone to see me workout (not even my Dear Farmer)
  • It’s too late/I’m too old
  • It won’t work for me
  • I live too far from a gym
  • I don’t know what exercises to do or how to do them
  • I will hurt myself

With the past months of our “New Normal” I have not stuck to my eating plan perfectly, I have not continued my walks and it is starting to show. I am seeing my weight creep back on in all areas, my tummy, my back, my thighs. I had never really toned up my arms to they are looking as flabby as usual. I want to change all of this.

Reasons over excuses:

  • I can workout when no one is home or in a different room
  • It’s never too late and I will never be too old
  • Why am I so “special” that it works for everyone but won’t work for me???
  • Due to our current “new normal” working out at home is probably a better option for me anyway compared to a gym
  • YouTube will show me what exercises to do and how to do them!
  • I will only hurt myself if I try to push myself to do things that my body is not ready for. If it feels painful…modify it or don’t do it!

Now that I have made the decision and have researched a few different YouTube workout channels to try, what do I really want from the first workout and beyond?


  • I want to break a sweat
  • I want to feel like I have pushed myself past my limits for reps
  • I want to feel energized
  • I want to be proud of myself for getting up early to workout
  • I want to do this daily
  • I want to develop my own personal workout plan

How will I accomplish these wants/goals?

  • I will get up earlier than usual
  • I will not make excuses
  • I will workout for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Even if I have to modify the exercise, I will do every exercise in the video I choose
  • If I don’t like the video I choose, I will not stop to search for a new one, I will finish it out and find a new one for the next day.
  • I will document my progress from Day 1 (photos that may never see the light of day 😅 and journal)

I need your input: ❓❓❓If you are over 50 and had not regularly worked out in your pre-50 years…

What age did you start working out?

Do you do cardio and weights?

What is your favorite YouTube workout channel?

Here’s to Day 1…Wish me luck. 😘

This is where it begins.